About Your Instructor

My name is Jennie Nash. I’m the author of seven books – three memoirs, four novels – and counting. I have been published traditionally and I have self-published, so I know exactly how these things work.

My book publishing credentials include:

  • Simon & Schuster
  • Scribner
  • St. Martin’s Press
  • Penguin
  • CreateSpace (Amazon's self-publishing arm)

I have been on staff at:

  • Random House
  • New York Woman magazine

I have freelanced for dozens of publications, including:

  • GQ
  • Child
  • Glamour
  • The Huffington Post
  • The New York Times

I am an instructor at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, and run a private practice coaching both fiction and nonfiction book writers.

Lately, my clients have been racking up some seriously awesome success — books published by Norton, Hazeldon, Ten Speed, Simon & Schuster and Scriner; self-published books that have won top awards; writers who have landed some of the best literary agents in the business; and just recently, a writer whose feature story landed on the front page of the New York Times op-ed section and who later that same week went on the Today show.

I believe in the tough love philosophy, because I know how hard it is to get good writing done — but that being said, I’m also a really nice person who knows exactly how difficult the creative process is.

These are my books. Click one to go to the page on my website where you can read the first chapters: