Get Expert Guidance to Become a Story Genius

The Story Genius method will take you step-by-step from the first glimmer of an idea to an evolving, multi-layered cause-and-effect story blueprint. This work will lead you to a first draft that has the authority, richness, and command of a fully realized sixth or seventh draft.

By mastering the Story Genius method, you will:

  • Experience a profound and empowering shift in the way you conceive, write, and develop a novel
  • Understand what a reader’s brain is looking for in every story it encounters – and learn how to give it to them
  • Gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed as a fiction writer, no matter where you are in your writing career
  • Take a novel idea from vague and fuzzy to crystal clear so that you can write forward with confidence

Why It Pays to Work with a Book Coach

Book coaches give editorial feedback, but we also motivate and inspire, and give you the support you need to stop making excuses and get the work done.

As transformative as the Story Genius method can be for writers, it is also complex, and it's easy for even the most dedicated writers to stall out and give up.

Your own personal Author Accelerator book coach can make all the difference. Here's how:

1. We start by training talented editors to be exceptional book coaches.

This is the cornerstone of our success and we are very proud of our process. Our book coach certification program is rigorous, thorough, ongoing – and proven to work. Author Accelerator certified book coaches are excellent at what they do. They serve their writers with skill, integrity, and compassion. (Learn more about becoming a certified book coach yourself at

2. We hand-pick a coach for every writer.

We call this our secret sauce because it is 100% human-powered and 100% effective. Our editorial team listens carefully to every writer’s needs and goals, get a sense of their project and their writing style, and hand-pick a certified book coach to guide their project through to the end.

3. We give writers the support they need to succeed.

Our writers are racking up some fantastic publishing successes such as landing agents and book deals, and winning national awards. But we measure our success by how many of our writers are thrilled with their progress, and it’s upwards of 90% . That’s the metric we care most about, and we look forward to helping you feel thrilled too.